I Am Not A Reliable Narrator

31 October 2006

things people ask me at work:

Is it Batman or Bathman?

really, i just got asked that. i was tempted to say that is was Bathman, the cleanest of all the superheroes!


i'm here until 8:30 tonight
i'm missing the first half of the pub quiz as well
if my team loses, it will all be because they are lacking the queen of random pop culture references and useless bits of general knowledge.

hopefully jeremy has soaked some up in our time together.

beyonce makes another play for my heart

first it was the debut solo single 'crazy in love' with it's spectre-esque wall of sound, now she's brought the awesome again with that totally hot girl band and more infectious singles. i may not understand how she can kiss jay-z's ugly mug, but i can overlook it so long as she keeps the excellent pop singles coming

30 October 2006

new ways to waste time

somehow this blogger has slipped through the cracks
i can access and post to it at work

this is probably not a good idea

this is number 1

trying this out, seeing how it looks