I Am Not A Reliable Narrator

17 September 2008

These, the trials of my life

So I left work early today because the cocodamol my GP prescribed for the costochondritis is doing bad things to my stomach. I struggled homeward on the bus fighting not to spew. When I changed buses in Peckham there was a large woman standing in front of my and blocking the aisle so I said excuse me and pushed past her only to hear her inform me under her breath that I should have said excuse me. I turned and wished I could vomit on command before saying, "I did say excuse me." And she said again as I turned, "If you wanted to go by you should have said excuse me." And all I could think was FUCK YOU!!! But I said instead, "I'm sorry if I upset you, I didn't mean to, but I did say excuse me." And she said all bitchy like, "Just go sit down." So I did because I felt like hell, but when she got off at the next stop, I took the high road, and stuck my tongue out at her. Not as effective as vomiting on command, but I think I still got my point across.


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