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21 September 2008

Goodbye weekend,

Jeremy is in Chicago for our friend Thomas's wedding, so it's just me and Oliver here at Casa de Pain. I've spent most the weekend typing my draft up on the computer. I've got 20 pages of 62 on here so far and have been shouting at myself over inconsistincies but not too much. They're all pretty small and can be sorted later. i'm kicking myself for not using notecards to keep all my strands untangled sooner.

It's suddenly sunny and beautiful in London this weekend so I've been out for long walks yesterday and today and had a really awesome roast dinner at a new pub in Nunhead today. roast beef = yum. But mostly I've been sequestered in the second bedroom either typing and editing or watching old epidsodes of ANTM and project Runway online while I knit.

It's been a pretty awesome weekend.

I've got physio therapy for the demon costochondritis on tuesday. i'm hoping it will help me get off the cocodamol because they mae me feel pretty grody and don't even take all the pain away and that, friends, is lame as hell.

And tomorrow it's back to work in the city where hopefully the very large investment bank I work for will not be shutting down (actually they seem to be clinging on by their stubby stubby finernails, so fingers crossed) because I totally don't want to find a new job or get transferred to some dank mailroom someplace. Fingers crossed.

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