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28 July 2008

God Bless the USA

So in the midst of trying to plan this upcoming trip home and feeling all sorts of aggro about my family I got an email from my dad. I was prepared to be annoyed and bothered and possibly bewildered, but instead (oh a blessed instead) I was pleased to read that my Dad had located $250 worth of US Savings Bonds that we had all forgotten about!

$150 of these were gifts when I was a baby and $100 came when I won The Voice of Democracy Speech Contest in 1994 which was sponsored by the VFW. Even better, these savings bonds are now worth $633 and some odd cents. Sweet! According to the old man I'll get taxed on $495 of this but still, that's pretty awesome.

It's like I picked up a really good Community Chest card in Monopoly, better even than winning 2nd place in a fashion show. This will pay for our car rental and a couple American sized breakfasts as well.

Thanks America!



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