I Am Not A Reliable Narrator

21 July 2008


I'm trying to find the type of quote an 18 year old would make note of before leaving home all full of optimism, piss, and vinegar, and the quote websites are scrambling my brains to the point that I can't even think of good song lyricsor anything. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

In more pleasant news, we painted our bedroom this weekend, it is a lovely pale green now. soon we will put some vintage green wallpaper up on two of the smaller walls and then our bedroom will be complete. So long as we don't totally fuck up the wallpapering. I have wall papered before but have mostly blocked out the experience.

But still, the room looks nicer now that is an actual color rather than the non-color it was before (which was not bad just creamy and dull, the color you paint the walls when it's time to sell your house and you need to be as inoffensive as possible, or if you are boring, and I'm pretty sure these both are the case with the previous owner of our home).

And y'know other stuff, discovered delicious brownies at the new cafe near my house. Wrote three pages this morning during my flex time, Oliver still cute, Jeremy still a dork, life still good.

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