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08 July 2008

Hold Music

Today's conference call is brought to you by that timeless hit, King of the Road.
I used to be able to play this song on the clarinet. In fact, King of the Road, was a yearly feature of the Chippewa Junior High School end of the year concert. Mr. Unger, best known the spit that would collect in his lower lip and occasionally launch independently at those youngsters both talented and unlucky enough to sit in the front row during class, used to dance around singing 'Ain't got no cigarettes,' as we played.
Word, Mr. Unger. I ain't got no cigarettes either. All I got is hold music and a desk full of files.
Oh crap, and now I've got that Goo Goo Dolls song from that movie with Meg Ryan and Nicholas Cage, you know the one where he's an angel and she rides her bike into a truck done elevator style. Crap. Why couldn't they just put King of the Road on repeat?
Okay, so if I've been on hold for 12 minutes and 4 songs is it safe to assume that the conference call is not going to happen or do I give it one more song? A song that just might be Ben, heavy on the flutes?


  • At 11 July 2008 at 14:39, Blogger 5 of 9er said…

    Music hell is in your head... hope you were able to get it unstuck. :)

  • At 12 July 2008 at 16:50, Blogger Alannah said…

    "King of the Road" is one of my karaoke songs!

    I think D. should add it to his setlist, but he hates it. He'll come around...

    And now I have that awful Goo Goo Dolls (subtopic - this band name is one of the worst of all time) song in my head.

  • At 14 July 2008 at 11:27, Blogger carolyn says said…

    i am wondering why i've never done King of the Road at karaoke now. this has been a grave oversight on my part


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